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Fullt Stell Yorkshire terrier

fra 1080 til 1200 nok

tid fra 1,5 til 2,5t

The Yorkshire Terrier is a long haired little terrier whose coat hangs smoothly on both sides. The hair is divided by a parting from the nose to the tip of the tail. Yorkshire is very crepe, and his lofty demeanor should exude importance. His silhouette should reveal a strong, firm and well-proportioned body.
It should be emphasized that Yorkshire is a true terrier. He is by no means a palace dog, but he inherited all the advantages of his terrier ancestors: courage, temper and vitality. By their confident attitude they demonstrate their independence and self-confidence.


Due to the fact that Sandra is a lover and breeder of this great breed (, we run a "purebred" campaign - all Yorkshire terriers with FCI pedigree receive a promotional price of 800nok for full service in our groomroom - to receive the discount is enough to show the pedigree of the dog.

All dogs of the breed type, depending on the size / type of coat / care of the coat, get a price from 1000 to 1200 NOK

Fullt Stell liten / mellom / stor hund

fra 1200 til 3000 nok

fra 2 - 3t

Hairstyle matched the expectations and preferences of the owner, emphasizing the beauty of the individual dog. We offer different styles of haircuts, both with the grooming machine and with only scissors. The service includes bathing, clipping claws, care for the ears and the eye area.

Just like in the best beauty salons for people, there is no possibility of a haircut without a bath. To achieve the highest quality, we must work with clean and, above all, properly shaped bristles. Thanks to this, the hairstyle is beautiful not only on the day of the visit, but also a few weeks later. After each home bath, it gets the perfect shape, which is often mentioned by our customers.

The hairstyle is always selected individually, because a well-fitting haircut will emphasize the beauty and hide imperfections.

Care advice is free of charge - we care about the comfort of dogs that, used to treatments at home, are less nervous in the salon.

Vask og mer...

fra 400nok

The service includes an aromatic massage double bath in cosmetics matching the type and condition of the hair. Drying and styling according to the chosen hairstyle. Includes clipping claws and ear care.

In our salon, we pay a lot of attention to bathing. We encourage dog owners who have problems with keeping their dogs' coat in proper condition to use this service frequently. Properly selected, good-quality cosmetics and technique are the key to success.

After the bath, the hair is always dried and properly modeled for the chosen hairstyle.

We always take care of the ears and claws while bathing. If the client wishes so, we can additionally perform a hygienic haircut and organize the hair at the feet.

Kloklipp og mer...

fra 100 nok

Shortening the claws to a safe and comfortable length, in order to ultimately retract the claw core.

Claw shortening is one of the most important activities in the entire care process. It is the length of the claws that determines the dog's daily comfort. Overgrown claws cause pain, make it difficult to move, deform joints and, as a result, can lead to problems with the entire skeletal system.

That is why in our Nittedal Hundesalong we try to shorten the claws as much as possible - each is carefully carved around the core. We try to make overgrown claws painlessly shorten.


900 nok / 1t

Manually removing dead coat. The treatment is aimed at rough-haired dogs, spaniels and setters. The service includes bathing, clipping claws, care for the ears and the eye area.

The treatment is aimed at rough-haired dogs (West Highland White Terrier, Scottish Terrier, Fox Terrier, etc.), spaniels and setters. It involves the rotational removal of dead hair to give room for new hair to grow. The procedure is performed entirely by hand, hence the longer working time and higher price. Trimming is a difficult art and not many people can do it well and reliably. This procedure, when properly performed, is completely painless.

Fjerning av tannstein (Ultralyd scaling)

fra 1000 nok

Uten bedøvelse, smerte og ingen stress for kjæledyret ditt i alle aldre. Det er 100% smertefritt og trygt for hunden din.
Ta vare på friske tenner og frisk pust til kjæledyret ditt


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